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Swift Solutions

Swift uses the most advanced AI’s available for customized solutions and managed AI services

Custom Solutions

Swift’s experienced developers and AI experts can create unique, customized products just for you.

A unique solution that belongs to your business
With our customized solutions your businesses can make changes anytime you want, add important information and implement feedback from customers.
Integrating AI with your existing business
Elevate your business by integrating Swift AI custom software with your existing business software.
Increase productivity
With our AI solutions specifically designed to meet your needs, your team will perform tasks faster and more efficiently.

Consulting & Managed Services

Let our trained experts get the most out of generative AI and machine learning for you. Our access and knowledge of the most powerful and productive AI tools including OpenAI, Google, Midjourney and more means that Swift can help you achieve your sales, marketing and business goals quicker.

Some of the services we provide
Content optimization
AI for CRM
Multi-language text to speech
Data analysis
Custom images for marketing
Competitive analysis
A/B testing optimization
Legal documents
Audio and video production
Branding and logos
Social media automation
Sales & donations
Chatbot automated messaging
AI Promotional Videos

With an average cost of $3,000 per minute and weeks to get it produced from a typical vendor, Swift can substantially the reduce cost and time for your video needs.